1-2 Blog: The Importance of Considering the Needs of Multiple Departments

For this blog entry, refer to Section 1.5 in Chapter One, which defines the hub-and-spoke method. Then discuss the importance of considering the needs of multiple departments in the development of digital marketing campaigns and the value of sharing results across the organization.

Today, we live in a technology-driven world that encourages and allows us to work together and share information. But silos still plague many companies in which various departments (marketing, sales, accounting, IT, etc.) do not share the best practices and data. Of course, organizational silos occur because employees don’t want to communicate/collaborate with one another or do not have adequate means to do so. Either way, this often leads to inefficiency, duplicate work, employee disengagement, and negative customer experiences (Youngren, 2020). Therefore, a marketer must consider the needs of multiple departments when developing digital marketing campaigns because 1. It helps prevent problematic departmental silos. 2. Ensures that each department has the fresh source of reliable data that it needs in real-time, which they can easily obtain from a campaign that’s been designed to capture this information. And as some may be aware, the marketing department is fully capable of serving as the “hub” that supplies the “spokes” or other departments with the data they need due to digital analytic reports that can be customized to meet everyone’s needs.

The value of sharing campaign results is priceless, as they provide valuable insights for different people across several organizational departments. For example, the accounting department may look at the Cost Analysis report and see a way to cut back on spending, while the research and development (R&D) team might look at the sales data and see an opportunity to improve a particular existing product. The web development or IT department may look at the company’s bounce rate for desktop, mobile, and tablets and see a need to better optimize its website on one of these devices. However, an executive may rely on the financial data and use it to make informed decisions and steer the company in a more positive direction (Lotame, 2017).

Sharing these results across the organization will also give each employee access to the right information whenever he/she needs it, so they are not spending a substantial amount of time unproductively seeking relevant data. This is essential, as nearly one-third of employees spend more than 20 minutes just looking for the correct information (Your Training Edge, 2018). Doing so helps to break down silos, improve internal collaboration, and get everyone pulling in the same direction, as well (Jackson, 2016). And having access to this type of valuable information will allow employees to be more innovative and deliver better results, which can help a company achieve growth and rise above its competitors.


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