2-1 Blog: Marketing Advantages of Mobile Phones and Tablets


Discuss the advantages of mobile phones and tablets as a marketing tool over traditional marketing channels. Consider how mobile marketing allows for increased product sales and awareness.

As a marketing tool, mobile phones and tablets have certain advantages over traditional marketing channels. For example, 80% of Americans carry a cell phone or tablet everywhere they go while most people do not have this type of access to a TV, radio, or newspaper (Ballard, 2018). So, with these devices, a marketer will inevitably reach their target audience. Also, unlike direct mail, text marketing via SMS (short message service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service) can offer photos, videos, and other interactive content that consumers can connect with in a personal and direct way. As a result, customers tend to stay more interested in the company and continue engagement because they feel that they have become part of the brand rather than being just a distant target that’s being marketed to (“The Benefits of Mobile Marketing,” 2013). In addition, mobile phones and tablets provide a marketer with detailed analytics in which they can track their marketing efforts much faster and with greater detail than what can be done with traditional advertising mediums. And as equally important, conventional marketing channels tend to increase product awareness by 35% while mobile marketing is likely to increase it by 46%, which naturally means more sales (Smith, 2019).

Address how mobile marketing campaigns lead consumers to the point of sale, generate dialogue-marketing contacts, or enable customer loyalty programs.

Mobile marketing campaigns are an excellent way to lead consumers to the point of sale. Using Instagram as an example, brand’s will place the eye-catching ads for their campaigns on this social networking site. And as consumers use the Instagram app on their smartphones to scroll through their photo feed, these ads will catch their attention and motivate them to explore the product, even buy it. Interestingly, 75% of users act on Instagram’s ads, meaning they either purchase a product, or they go to the brand’s website (Tran, 2019). What I find interesting though is how many companies are now launching mobile campaigns to introduce a new product to consumers, and then offering it to them for a discount via SMS. This tactic often leads to a sale. And in many cases, it inspires customers to purchase additional items.

 Discuss some strategies for addressing the common constraints that mobile marketing faces. Provide at least two resources to support your reasoning.

 One limitation that mobile marketing faces are older men and women who do not enjoy this type of marketing because they are not comfortable using technology that they feel is challenging (“Limits,” 2016). To overcome this, companies can ensure that their sites are mobile friendly, so it’s easier for these individuals to browse them and make purchases. The second limitation surrounds privacy in which many consumers worry about how a brand handles their personal data. Companies should certainly address this concern. And they can do that by being transparent about what information they’re collecting all while ensuring customers that it will remain secure (Moats, 2015). The third limitation, however, is that mobile phones come in a variety of sizes and they have different operating systems and browsers. This can make navigating ads difficult for the user, even if the phone has a touchscreen. To overcome this challenge, it’s best for a marketer to create campaigns that cater to both iOS and Android versions as this will allow for better-displayed content that can easily be viewed (Bandopadhyay, 2018).


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