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Discuss ethical best practices in an integrated marketing campaign.

For anyone new in the marketing industry, the best advice I could give is to keep the ethical standards of the American Marketing Association (A.M.A.) in mind as you implement your integrated marketing campaign. First and foremost, be honest in your dealings, especially when making claims about a product. However, if for some reason one fails to deliver the claimed benefits, it is important that you accept responsibility. It’s also essential that the products in your ads and other forms of communications are represented in a clear manner. In other words, demonstrate fairness in your promotions, so you don’t mislead or deceive anyone. Regarding respect, it is critical to adhere to the golden rule of treating everyone, including the competition, as you wish to be treated. You could do this by acknowledging the work of others and by valuing individual differences. Also, to create a spirit of openness, I recommend that you be transparent and strive to communicate clearly in your campaign by disclosing all the products pertinent information, such as pricing or deals that are available (“Statement of Ethics,” 2017). And as you display transparency, try to accept constructive criticism from customers and other stakeholders. Essentially, their feedback could help you improve the product that your promoting or other aspects of your campaign. And as you execute your marketing campaign, don’t forget citizenship. Be sure that you give back to the community and protect the environment. I find this practice personally rewarding and you might too.

Explain potential concerns that can occur if ethical best practices are not followed.

If the previously mentioned ethical practices are not followed, potential problems could occur. For example, if you were to make false claims, it wouldn’t take the consumer long to figure out that reality doesn’t match the expectations that they were given. As a result, this could cause distrust and possibly ruin your company’s reputation, which in turn would affect the growth of the business (“The Importance of Honesty,” 2017). And as equally important, not following these ethical practices could land you in hot water legally, just ask Dannon. They falsely touted the “scientifically” proven nutritional benefits of Activia yogurt. Consumers didn’t buy into it, and a lawsuit was filed in which this company ended up paying over $40 million in damages. So, as you can see, the ethical standards set forth by the A.M.A. is one of your best marketing tools. Now, market ethically and carry on!



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