4-2 Blog: Tale of the Tiger: Customer Service

What was done successfully to meet the wants and needs of the target audience?

Through outstanding customer service, the Tampa International Airport successfully met the wants and needs of their target audience, travelers. The story began when a little boy, Owen, left his toy tiger in the play area at TPA. Frantic, the boy’s mother called the airport in hopes of finding the stuffed animal. And as an act of kindness, an airport employee took time out of his busy day to not only to locate the missing stuffed animal, but he also took it around the terminal photographing the tiger’s journey. He then made it into a book for the boy to keep when he and the tiger were reunited.

How was the social and consumer experience addressed? Was this done successfully? Explain.

To share the consumer’s experience, Tampa International Airport posted the story on Facebook and Twitter with a handful of photos, linking it back to their website. As a result, this inspired other travelers to share their stories on social media of how the airport provided excellent customer service. For example, one person tweeted how they connected with his children, and then went on to say that his son still had the small airplane eraser that an employee gave him last summer (Zink, Nipps, Valentine, Osborn, & D’Aiuto, n.d.).

How were the digital media followers handled?

In just a couple days, the tiger’s story went viral. It appeared in all the local print and media outlets, e.g., the Huffington Post and Good Morning America. The story also made rounds on international news sites based in the U.K., Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Also, there was extensive interest in the tiger’s story on social media as it received nearly 115,000 likes on Facebook and 78,000 likes on Twitter (Zink et al., n.d.). In turn, the Tampa International Airport responded to followers by facilitating the conversation and keeping the story personal by allowing their employees and the boy’s family do all the talking.

Is there something that could have been done differently to make that experience more efficient?

Even though the airport effectively handled its followers, it could have documented the story on YouTube as well. This would have likely improved the follower’s experience because nothing captivates an audience quite like a visual. Not to mention, this could have created brand awareness for TPA as this social media giant has over a billion users (Baum, 2018).

Take a look at the company’s current website, major social media page, and mobile site, if applicable. What is the company doing effectively now? Also, if the company is using a mobile application, how does the app meet the consumer’s need?

Using their website, the Tampa International Airport effectively displays information that resonates with travelers. For instance, one can find flights, airlines, parking, restaurants, car rentals, even loyalty programs. This information is also displayed on their major social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. But unlike their website, they use social media to post images of all amenities they offer. In addition, they also use these sites to promote specials such as Cayman Airways offering free rum punch and allowing passengers to check in two free bags (up to 55lbs). The airport’s mobile app is similar to their website. However, one intriguing difference is how it can be used to speed up going through customs. On their mobile device, passengers simply input their information, take a personal photo, and then answer the declarative questions. Once complete, they’ll receive an electronic receipt, so that the border agent can finalize the inspection. Overall, this feature meets the consumer’s needs by improving wait times and customer service.

How are ethical engagements in social media helping with effectiveness?

The airport has actively engaged in social media, which has helped with its effectiveness. They’ve done this by developing a two-way conversation where their brand speaks and listens to travelers, responding directly to their wants and needs. Most of the time, this involves helping travelers to find the best flight options in terms of price and comfort. As a result, they’ve added value by helping customers. And as many are aware, this can build brand loyalty.


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