1-2 Blog: Branding: A Day in the Life

Digital media has transformed marketing regarding speed, relevance, and reach of campaigns (Benady, 2014). Also, it has created a platform where consumers can express their loyalty and leave feedback so that companies can measure customer satisfaction. Essentially, this is an excellent way to track and monitor how happy or unhappy customers are over time. After all, customers are the most critical component of any successful business. I myself like providing feedback because I feel that companies cannot fix what they don’t know is broken.

Personally, all of my experience with digital media has been positive. However, I tend to use Facebook and Instagram the most often. Instagram is a photo-sharing application that allows users to share pictures and videos. I must say that I prefer this form of digital media over the others. The reason being is that I engage better with visuals more so than words. Also, it allows me to meet new people who share my interests where I then get to share my life while getting a glimpse of theirs. In addition, hashtags make it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for, which is nice because I don’t have much time to spare as I work and go to school full time. That being said, Facebook is an online social media and networking site that I regularly use to stay connected with family and friends when we don’t have an opportunity to get together.

As for the emails that I receive, there are a couple of types that catch my attention more than others. One is time-sensitive promotions that include an offer that will expire soon. The subject line is usually clear about the time sensitivity, which in turn compels me to look into the product or service that is being offered right away. The main reason I search for these emails is that they usually result in significant savings on products and services. The other type is engagement emails. Primarily, I like these because they often contain stories and keep me engaged with my favorite brands. For example, I’m a fitness fanatic, and FlagNorFail is my go-to for apparel. Being on their mailing list, I often get emails like the one below where they show their latest attire and include updates on the launch of new websites such as the Blog presented here. If anyone is interested, and I highly recommend checking it out, the site can be found at https://flagnorfail.com/blogs/news.



Benady, D. (2014, September 29). How technology is changing marketing. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2014/sep/29/technology-changing-marketing-digital-media

3 thoughts on “1-2 Blog: Branding: A Day in the Life

  1. I love the Bailey’s 🙂 & flag nor fail clothing! Great post 🙂

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    1. Another future marketer and FNF fan…awesome! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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  2. Great post Robin. You explained how digital media can drive business with another way to reach customers. Thank you for sharing.


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